By means of AGRUSAGE Sure Grip Concrete Protective Liners it is possible to protect concrete buildings safely and durably from corrosion damage and/or abrasion. In addition they seal the constructions and make it possible to produce leakproof concrete basins.



AGRU operates a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000 which complies with the requirements of the international standard.



The Sure Grip Concrete Protective Liners are positioned with concrete. The studs of the Concrete Protective Liners are to ensure high pull-out resistance and fixation in all directions. The use of installation profiles considerably facilitates the installation of Sure Grip Concrete Protective Liners.


For the installation of Sure Grip Concrete Protective Liners the established extrusion welding as well as hot-gas welding processes are reverted to, whereas the required welding rods are part of our product range.


Along with their excelent mechanical properties the HDPE and PP plastic liners dispose of a very good resistance against abrasion, are easily weldable, can be cleaned easily and show a very smooth inner surface and high flexibility.
When it comes to increasing safety requirements, the Sure Grip Double Sealing System (two sheets are combined and the space between can be monitored) allows an effective protection of individuals and environment from dangerous media and can be monitored by means of leakage detection systems.


Relining of concrete pipes constructed by meand of site-mixed concrete or pre-assembled.
Renovation of buildings by meand of injection processes or concrete casting.
Channel systems in industry and communities.
Linings of basins in environmental technology and industry.


Linings for industrial floors and trenches.
Collecting basins and areas in chemical and petrochemical industry as well as in sewage treatment plants.
Corrosion protection of foundations and ceilings.
Renovation of existing concrete sewage pipes by means of no-dig proceedings combined with "hoses" out of Sure Grip Concrete Protective Liners.



Concrete Protective Liners (CPL)
4000mm x 2000mm x (3 ... 12)mm (PE 80, PP, PVDF, ECTFE)
CPL with anti-skid surface
4000mm x 1800mm x (3 ... 5)mm (PE 80, PP)
CPL polyester farbic backed
4000mm x 1800mm x (3 ... 5)mm (PE 80, PP)
CPL with signal layer
4000mm x 1800mm x 5mm (PE 80, PP)
CPL with aluminium barrier
4000mm x 1800mm x 5mm (PE 80, PP)
Various installation prófiles
(PE 80, PE 80-el, PVDF, ECTFE)
Welding technology
Welding robots

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